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Its been 3 months, and almost 4 months I work with sedco communications, a green, young internet service provider..

I was promised by some boss to confirm after 3 months working.
But until now, nothing...nothing cross their mind to confirm me in the company.

And yet they still pay me RM1350.. I know, WHAAT???? only RM1350???
the excuse is,
"u r new, no experience, u only deserve RM1350.."
"I also got RM800 paycheck when I first time working" said the CEO..

oh man..are u crazy??? rm800? how many year ago? 15-20 years??? thats zaman dulu maa...
why shoud I need to study very hard, if this only u offer me?
No allowances, No bonus, Nothingg....

few days ago I lay back n think...how much longer I need to be like this? people working at this company never got increment, never got bonuses..

Guess I have to move to find other job..

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